Services & Philosophy


Your financial planning and investment management needs are as unique as you are. Your situation and goals are unique and the advice we provide is tailored to your specific situation.

At Forest Hills Wealth, we've chosen to forge deeper relationships with our clients in order to better help you achieve your goals. Our focus is on providing evidenced based education, advice, guidance and always working in a fiduciary capacity by putting the clients' interests first.

We can provide most clients with a robust financial plan customized to your situation as a foundation to our advice and strategy recommendations. We generally manage your investments for you based on your specific risk tolerance in a well-diversified portfolio. We are a resource to discuss various strategies across your financial situation including financial planning, investment allocation, tax strategies, social security strategies, risk mitigation, estate planning and much more. We can work with your CPA, Estate Planning Attorney, Insurance agent, etc. to help ensure your plans are carried out as desired.


Integrated Financial Planning with Investment Management:

Our approach to investment management is based specifically on your goals. This should always start by clearly defining what's important to you. We then build a financial plan to help educate you of the path you're on and use this as a tool to provide advice to increase the confidence of your plan.

Asset Allocation is Crucial:

Determining the appropriate allocation between asset classes is the primary factor of portfolio performance and one of the most important decisions that needs to be made. We believe that it is not possible to consistently “time the market”. Based on various studies we believe that trying to do so will only add costs, taxes, and risk to the investment process. We believe that a diversified portfolio that aligns to your plan is critical and we regularly review market research on how to build efficient portfolios that maximize returns for any given level of risk.

Risk & Return are Related in Well Diversified Portfolios:

We design our portfolios based on the Noble Prize-winning concept of “Modern Portfolio Theory”. While some risks can be reduced by diversification, overall we believe in order to achieve higher returns you must take greater risk. Likewise, if you want to reduce your exposure to risk, then you must accept lower returns. We help manage this risk/return trade-off based on your situation.

Cost Matter:

While we can't control the markets or the performance of any specific asset class, we can focus on the various areas that do matter. We can control cost through investment expense, transaction cost, and taxes which all help improve long term wealth creation.